Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Takeover- Epilogue

The restaurant was called “The Veil”. It wasn’t on a trendy street or listed as one of the top restaurants in the city. In fact, it was located off a street corner that most residents of the city would drive past without a second glance during the day.

However once every two weeks, the “real” executives of Sun Horizon have a work dinner at the restaurant and you only need one look inside it to understand why. Outside the excellent food and the Middle Eastern décor, the service there was totally in line with Sun Horizon.

The waitresses in the restaurant were all dressed in loose fitting black robes with their face covered in a niqaab. More importantly, the owner of the restaurant, who is a member of both Humble Serenity and the M.A.P, assured the executives all the secrecy and privacy they wanted with a room all to themselves. In many ways, that’s what makes the restaurant perfect for Sun Horizon.

Salim couldn’t help but think that as he wiped his mouth with the towel provided by the restaurant. Unlike the plain food and water he allowed his wives, the food in front of him was feast of meat, fish, vegetables and rice. However the dinner was now over and after the food were cleared by the ever quiet and covered waitresses, it was time for the reason of the meeting.

Sameh Mozgov was a long-time employee of Sun Horizon and like a lot of reverts he was devout in his belief of Islam. Smart, clever, loyal and religious, it had been no surprise when he was entrusted with overseeing the takeover of the company. As such, he was the one who brought the meeting to order.

“Okay, let’s begin.” Sameh addressed the group. “How are we doing with our employees so far?”
“Very well,” one of the executives said. “All the girls are obedient and the men are giving orders though it’s early days so everyone is going lite. Things might change as time passes and the men start giving stricter orders.”
“That’s to be expected though the programming and the gas should help with that.” Sameh replied.
“About that,” another executive spoke up, “The Creed is still protesting the diluted version of their gas. They say they can’t promised the men and girls won’t break their programming if we don’t use the full version of their gas.”
“Didn’t you already tell them we need the employees to actually be able to work? Their full version of the gas makes the girls into mindless bimbos!”
“I did but…well, it’s The Creed. I think Anwar Brown just prefer their girls to be mindless bimbos.”

More than a few of the executives began grumbling, Salim included. That’s the problem when you work with other groups. Although all of the groups in the alliance believe in male superiority, none of them has the same idea of what that mean or how much control they need or should imposed on the girls.

“That’s enough.” Sameh said. “Tell The Creed we are keeping a close eye on the employees as a whole and we will report any abnormalities to them. In fact, send them a copy of the Employees Conduct Report to show them how close of an eye we are keeping.”
“About our partners,” an executive Salim knew as Faizal then began. “Both Humble Serenity and Immersion are also asking for reports on how well the mind-altering program is holding.”
“Immersion?” Salim asked. “What do they want? They were only in charge of the programming of the female executives? When we got all the executives to go for the “group retreat” before the takeover, didn’t they get all the data they needed at their compound then?”
“They want more, just in case they said.” Faizal added, “I think they see this as a grand experiment on changing social behavior and just want more info for the future.”
“Which might be a good thing,” the first executive said. “Going forward, more information for them might make things easier for us.”
“Especially for Humble Serenity,” Faizal said. “They are the ones who wrote the whole orientation program. They were the ones who provided the drugs for the food and decided on how to add the gas to lower the mental defenses of the girls. Hell, even the screen projection was a joint project between them and Immersion.”
That exactly got Salim worried and he said so. “Those two groups are working very close together, maybe too close. We should keep an eye on them.”
Sameh put up a hand to stop that argument from going forward. “That’s a potential problem that’s above our pay grade. Let’s just keep our problems to the takeover only. Faizal, send them the reports we are sending to The Creed. In fact, tell all of them that’s what we are doing. No need for them to think we are playing favorites. How’s our coverage by the media and local politicians?”
“M.A.P came through on that front.” The media executive said. “They used their media network to ensure positive coverage by the local media. Some protests by feminist groups and their allies of course but they can’t get any traction with the politicians without any local outrage.”
“Which they won’t get because this is a “friendly” takeover.” Someone said and everyone laughed. The “friendly” takeover was mainly due to Immersion. Before the takeover, Sun Horizon had invited the executives of the company to a retreat. Unknown to the executives invited, the retreat was ran by Immersion. Once the retreat was done and Immersion had run their VR simulation program on them, there were no objections to the takeover.

“Okay,” Sameh said. “That’s it for today then. HQ and out partners will be pleased. It’s a good start for our alliance. Everything is going well but please remember it is still early days. Everyone do their job and keep an eye out for any problems.”

With that, the dinner was over and everyone took their leave. Salim look at the spread in front of him and wondered how his three wives were enjoying the oatmeal, biscuits and water they were having for dinner.  Salim couldn’t help but chuckled at the thought of his wives eating on their hands and knees like the bitches they were and was kind of sorry he wasn’t there to see their humiliation. There were some nights he even took a cane to their asses while they were eating to pain add to their humiliation.

“Best hurry back,” he thinks. The earlier he got back home, the more time he got to play with them. When Salim got to his car, he was already thinking about what humiliation he would be ordering his wives to do tonight. For him, it was going to be a fun and enjoyable night.  

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