Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Better Wife (Part 4)

“Incredible! Just incredible! All this in just 3 hours?”
“3 and a half to be exact but I know what you are saying. The gas we got from that Creed group is increasing compliance from the subjects by quite a margin.”
“Even after you had to distill it?”
“We’re not going to get into that again are we John? I told you I had to do it! The gas invented by The Creed increased dominance in male subjects and increased the submissive natures of the female subjects. I dilute it by about 50% and these are the results. Imagine what will happen if I didn’t?”
“So you’re saying this gas is only half as potent as what they used in the Creed?”
“That’s correct John. Frankly, I have a hard time imagining how the women in that group even manage to function.”
“Though constant orders Hal. Constant orders.”
“From what I gather, the Creed is a male supremacy group founded by a chemist. He’s the one who discovered the gas and all their women are located in an underground bunker of some sort. Gas is pumped in and a series of orders are constantly issued to them via a loudspeaker.”
“You sounded almost happy John?”
“In a way…yes! You should be too Hal. This is wonderful news! Without the gas, it would take our VR machines days to get this result. If we increased the potency of the gas…”
“Our clients are very specific John. Sun Horizon wants their employees functioning. In fact, I’m afraid this might be too much for them.”
“Oh don’t worry about that. Don’t give me that look Hal, this is an experiment and everyone knows it. I can’t say that for sure but I have confidence Sun Horizon wouldn’t have put up these 4 names to us if they were worried about losing them forever to our machines.”
“Well, you can safely tell Sun Horizon the minds of their two employees and their wives are intact thanks to me. I took all the risk management I could. That’s why I cut the potency of the gas by half.”  
“Okay then…when will the subjects be ready?”
“At this rate, I say in another 3-4 hours. You want to call the client now?”
“Clients, Hal. We have 2 of them and I think I will. Let’s get them up here and see the results for themselves.”

Eleanor woke up to the sound of running water. Opening her eyes, she raised her hand to her eyes and touched something that wasn’t her face. She smiled beneath her burqa.

Eleanor once read in a fashion magazine that good fashion is a dress that hugs you, that makes you strong and feel protected. If that was true then she was in no doubt the burqa was the best piece of fashion ever created. She felt so warm and protected that the burqa was almost a security blanket for her. When she fell asleep last night, the thought of sleeping in the burqa just came naturally to her.

The sound of running water stopped and Eleanor raised her head looking at the shower room. She had been waiting for Brian last night to return but fell asleep before he returned. She was half-wondering what the men were doing all night when her husband stepped came out of the shower room.

All thoughts left her mind. It was nearly inexplicable. Eleanor had seen her husband walked out of the shower in his bathrobe hundreds of times before but this was different. She felt a strange feeling coming over her and a need to look away from him. Brian saw her looking at him in the burqa and gave a big smile to her. He was enjoying the sight.

“Hi sleepyhead. Finally awake I see.”

Brian’s joking manner sealed the deal for Eleanor. She slowly pulled her burqa up and lifted up her legs, spreading them wide for her husband. Brian’s eyes popped up and mouth hung open. “Sorry sir,” Eleanor said. “But I fell asleep while waiting for you.”    
Brian slowly walked towards the bed before stopping beside it. Eleanor pulled her burqa higher, to her waist. She was letting her husband see that she wasn’t wearing anything beneath the burqa. Needless to say, he was smiling widely at the prospect.
“Who are you and what have you done to my wife?” he asked as he came onto the bed.
Brian tried to lift the red burqa fully over her but Eleanor stopped him.

“Your wife is trying to get into the “Sun Horizon spirit”.” Eleanor teased as she untied the knot of Brian’s bathrobe. “She was wondering if her husband was willing to teach her some of the “Sun Horizon” ways.”
“Oh yes he would.”
With that, Brian entered her wife. Usually their love-making was slow and sensorial but today it was anything but. Brian was much more physical than usual, thrusting in and out of his wife with a passion that had been missing from their marriage for far too long. As Brian moved up and down her body, the mesh of the burqa moved as well and Eleanor found that her sight was impeded. This meant she had to depend more on her senses and her body reacted accordingly. She was more sensitive to her needs as well as that of her husband’s, moving her hips in tune with Brian’s thrusts. At the climax, both of them came together and more than a bodily experience, it was also spiritual as Eleanor felt their spirits joined together.
It was without question the best they ever had.

A spent Brian got off Eleanor and laid to rest beside her. A few minutes later, after getting his breath back, he said the biggest understatement of the year.

“That was good.”

Eleanor giggled and snuggled up to her husband in her burqa. Strangely, being in the burqa made the snuggle more arousing than ever before. “Yeah and just imagine we could have that for the whole night yesterday.”
Brian couldn’t help but laugh along. “Sorry about that then. If I had known, I would have walked faster!”
“You guys went for a walk?”
“A hike more like it” Brian thought for a moment before answering. “We had the meeting, then a hike in the woods. Have to be at least 10 miles, then a campfire where we slept for the night. Had to hike back here just before dawn too!”
Eleanor was surprised at the men’s program. It was very different from the women. “That sounds kind of tough.”
“It was,” Brian agreed. “Nice enough I guess, but tough at the same time. What did you girls do?”
Eleanor wondered if she should tell him about the time facing the wall but thought better of it. It seems kind of stupid to complain about that when you compared it to a 10 mile hike in the woods. “Nothing much; we had a nice dinner and then were send back here to our rooms.”
Brian looked at his wife for a second before chuckling. “And there I was worrying about you too!” Eleanor snuggled closer to her husband. The fact that he was worried for her made her felt special. “So what you do for the night?” he asked again.
“I read a book.” Eleanor laughingly handed over the book sitting on the desk beside the bed.

Brian looked at the title and laughed. The book was titled “How Females Should Act” and the title was pretty much what the book was about. Brain opened the book immediately and read the first page where the chapters were indexed.

“Submissive, Pleasing, Obedience, Respectful, Ornamental, Elegant, Nurturing, Passionate, Grateful, Subservient, Compliant, Attentive, Appreciative and Thankful. These are the chapters of the book?”
Eleanor laughed along with her husband, though for a different reason. “Yup, it’s supposed to teach women how to treat their husbands. It’s exactly quite informative.”
Brian looked at his wife in surprise. “You read it? The whole book in one night?”
“While you were sitting by a campfire, I was in this comfy bed reading a bed.” Eleanor laughed. “What can I say? I know how to enjoy myself!”
“Enjoying yourself? That’s not in this book! Aren’t you supposed to be helpful and attentive to me instead?” Brian pointed at the book he was still holding.
“Oh how do you want me to serve master?”
Brian answered the mocking voice of Eleanor with a straight answer, “Well wife, you can start by massaging my legs. I may have cramps after the hike”
Instead of a comeback, Eleanor surprised herself and her husband by getting up on her knees and started massaging the legs as ordered. Looking back at her husband, she could see he was clearly shocked by her actions. Still, he managed to croak out a reply.
“Now that’s unexpected.”
“A woman should respect the man she belongs to, should comply with his wishes when he desires anything from her. She should be appreciative and take pleasure of the fact that she could be of help to the man that owns her.” Eleanor recited. “It’s a passage in the book.”
“Man, I need to read this book. A man can get use to this.”
Eleanor smiled beneath her burqa. A woman could too.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

A Better Wife (Part 3)

“Eleanor…you can’t be serious?”
Sandra was shouting again and the woman was beginning to get on her nerves. Eleanor turned towards Sandra and patiently said, “Look Sandra, we just met so I don’t know you but if this is too much for you, the door is right over there.”
Eleanor pointed at the door of the mansion for emphasis and it was enough for Brandon. Brandon offered his hand to Brian which Brian accepted.
“Good luck man. See you back at the office.” 
“Wait a minute,” Sandra looked at her husband in surprise. “What are you doing?”
Brandon gave his wife a weak smile and said, “Let’s go dear.”
“Wait!” Sandra said immediately and Eleanor was sure now the other woman also had the same feeling as her. She was just too proud to accept them…or at least that’s what Eleanor thought.
Sandra shook her head in surprise. “I can’t believe this. Give it to me!”
“What?” Brandon’s eyes widen in shock.
“The burqa!” Sandra said. “Come on, before I changed my mind.”
With some surprise, the 2 men handed over the burqas to their wives. Eleanor had seen enough news to know how the burqa was supposed to be wore and found to her surprise that it was the easiest thing to wear. Once she got the skullcap in place on her head, she just had to let the burqa roll down loose over her body.
Even more surprisingly was how comfortable she felt in it. All the horror stories she read and seen on the news didn’t tell her of the immediate sense of security she felt behind her burqa. Amazingly, Eleanor felt a feeling of love for the burqa and didn’t think she would ever want to take it off. It was a thing that protected her from the outside world and it was hers. Looking at Brian’s face, she could see that it was just as exciting for her husband.
With the mesh of the burqa impairing her sight, Eleanor found that she had to turn her whole body towards Sandra to get a good look at the other women. She was just standing quietly in her sky-blue burqa. Instinctively, Eleanor knew the other woman loved it as well.
Her feelings didn’t changed even when she was told that by Brian that the men had a meeting and the wives were to wait at a lounge room on the ground floor. Eleanor just submissively nodded her head and saw that Sandra was doing the same.
As the men went up to the first floor for their meeting, Eleanor, Sandra and Safiyah were directed by the receptionist to the lounge room. As the men left, Eleanor heard Rahim congratulating the other 2 men on passing their first test at the retreat. Eleanor felt her knees going weak at the praise. She had done something that helped her husband. She felt immerse pride in it, though also a little guilty. This was not what the suffragettes fought for.
The receptionist opened the door and the 3 women entered the lounge room. A strange sight greeted them. 7 women in burqas of various colors were already in the room and each of them was standing in a line, shoulder to shoulder, facing the wall. As the door closed, Safiyah walked and joined the end of the line. After a few seconds of indecision, Eleanor walked towards the line and joined the women. A few seconds later, she felt Sandra’s shoulder touching hers.
A sense of peace fell over her.
For once in her life, Eleanor felt herself truly at peace. It was as if a burden had been lifted from her shoulders. She immediately, instinctively, understood why. For the first time in her adult life, Eleanor did not have to do anything. Together, with the other 9 women beside her, she can let go of all responsibility and just wait for instructions on what she need to do. No thinking, no action, no movement was required of her; she just need to stand and wait there.
A shiver went up her body. It was bliss. The bliss went on for some time, broken only when a male voice was heard.
“All girls turn around and face the centre of the room.”
The order came into the room from a loudspeaker somewhere and almost as one, all 10 girls turned around. In the centre of the room was a low round table full of food and water. Eleanor quickly realized her stomach was rumbling. She must have been standing there for hours.
“All girls stand around the table.”
Without a word, Eleanor moved towards the table. All the girls stood around the table and waited for the next order.
“All girls will sit”
Eleanor sat down on the floor as instructed. Once on the floor, the next order came almost immediately.
“All girls may eat and drink the food and water on the table. You may lift your burqa. You have 1 hour.”
None of the girls moved. Eleanor was hungry but she also did not want to stand out too much. She waited for someone to make a move first. Unsurprisingly, it was Sandra.
Sandra lifted her burqa over her head and looked pointy at Eleanor. Left with little choice, Eleanor lifted her burqa with regret. It was amazing but in a few hours, she had felt more attached to her red burqa than any piece of clothing she had ever worn. The rest of the girls soon followed and Eleanor found herself unsurprised at the faces of the girls she saw.
There were girls of various ages, of different ethnic background, and most possibly of different education and social standing. Yet all of them were willing to stand in this room from hours, just waiting for orders given to them by a man none of them had seen.
However Eleanor understood why everyone was willing to do that. They were all wives whose sole duty today was to provide help to their husbands. Their presence here in this room was solely for the benefit of their husbands. Eleanor found her hand rubbing her burqa and found herself grateful for it.

The burqa had helped her become a better wife. It was amazing caused Eleanor never thought of herself as that kind of girl but she suddenly realized how important it was to her to be a better wife for her husband. With the burqa covering her face and body, she was not just Eleanor but Eleanor wife of Brian. With the burqa over her, she could be less of a person and more of a wife; a wife who was more selfless than Eleanor ever could be.
The girls ate and drink silently. Eleanor looked around the table and understood why. The male voice didn’t give them permission to speak, so none of them did. Eleanor smile got bigger. Beneath the burqas, all girls were the same.