Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Takeover (Part 5)

So how was my first day under Sun Horizon? In a word; boring. Sure I must always speak of myself in the third person; there were times I had to kneel, had to serve, but all in all, it was a pretty normal day.

Problem was that I wasn’t an executive like Sylvia or Kylie, or even a secretary like Agnes. I was an office drone and after the takeover…I was still an office drone. I spent most of my day in my cubicle typing away like normal, with only my niqaab remaining me of my submission to my male co-workers. It just wasn’t enough.

So at the end of my day when I took off my uniform in the locker room, I did so with a lot of regrets. It wasn’t a bad day but I was missing something. Something that would take my joy of submission to the next level.

There was however nothing I could do about it. I didn’t even know what I was missing. Luckily, someone did. I walked out of the locker room into the carpark, and my answer was there.

I saw Salim walking in the other direction with a briefcase, no doubt walking to his car. I had been avoiding him since learning he was married with 2 wives but after all those dreams…I walked towards him. As expected, he stopped and greeted me.

“Emily!” He exclaimed. “How was your first day?”
“Very well sir.” I was careful to keep my voice low and submissive.
“You look good Emily. A messy bun like that is perfect for a lowly female.”

The neat hair bun I took pains to tie this morning was now messy due to the niqaab and head-covering. Salim clearly meant this as an insult but for someone looking for a further step into submission, I felt more happy than angry at the insult.

“Thank you sir. I live to serve.”
“You feel like serving further?”
I was surprised by Salim’s question. The day was over but I remind myself he was a man and I was a female. There could only be one answer.
“Yes sir.”
“Come with me then.”

            Salim turned and started walking, certain I was going to follow. I did. As I thought, he walked to his car. He went to the back and opened the boot. I thought he was going to tell me to carry something for him back to the office. I was wrong.

            I was very wrong.

“Get in.” He said.

            I looked at him in shock but Salim just stood there. He fully expect me to get into the boot of his car. If anything, he looked a little annoyed I was taking my time deciding whether to get in. With that thought, shame overcame me.

            I was making him wait. I, a lowly female, was making a man wait for me! I immediately crawled into the boot of the car. Salim didn’t wait for me to get comfortable; he just closed the boot. I saw that there were air-holes and after the intimal surprise, had to wonder if Salim made his wives travel in the same way. I got excited by the thought. He was treating me like one of his wives!

The journey was short. I’m sure given time I would have panicked, I was in the boot of a car after all, but before I could do so, the car stopped. I heard the car door being opened and closed. Then the boot was opened.

Salim was standing there with a smirk on his face. He ordered me to get out and I did so. He closed the boot and then locked the car. Salim walked off without a second glance at me. Left with little choice, I dutifully followed.

Walking behind him, I looked around and recognized the carpark we were in. We were in his building. I drove to Salim’s place several times while we were going out and even noticed my favorite parking lot. My heart jumped when I recognized the place; Salim drove me home!

We entered the lift and went up. I walked behind Salim looking at the ground and reminded myself to be quiet. We got to his door and he opened it with a key. Once the door opened, the incense smell hit me immediately and I saw 2 pieces of cloth on the ground.

I was unsurprised by them. In fact I kind of expected them. It seems only proper that his wives would greet Salim on their hands and knees with their head bowed to the ground. I only wished to be there with them.

Salim walked in and dropped his briefcase and jacket on the ground. Only then did I notice Salim was wearing a suit. As I half-wondered how a clotheshorse like me could missed something like that, Salim sat on a stool near the door. His wives got up and I was unsurprised to see both of them were in a burqa.

One of them picked up Salim’s jacket and briefcase while the other went to Salim and began to take out his socks from his feet. I watched all this in silence. Salim then got up and signaled me to follow. We walked into the living room while one of the wives closed the door.

He sat down on a sofa. Looking at him sitting down with his legs apart, he looked like a god to me. My knees felt weak and I didn’t fight my desire to kneel before him. Even then, looking at Salim while on my knees, it didn’t feel right. I looked down at the ground and bowed my head to the floor.

I kept my head to the ground as Salim spoke something to his wives in a different language. Minutes passes and then I felt my skirt being lifted. I fought the urge to move and stayed in my position. I wasn’t told to move, so I won’t.

Then I heard a sound and that was the only warning I had before pain wreaked my body. There was a primal instinct within me to move and to get away from whatever was hurting me but…Salim didn’t tell me to move. In fact, I was certain he wanted me to stay in my position and take my punishment. I knew then what this was.

Salim was punishing me. He was punishing me for all the things I had done to him in collage and in the office. I remembered all the things I said about him and the hurt I caused when I cheated on him. Of course, he wanted to punish me. It was only natural right?

And I totally deserved it!

I knew in my heart I totally deserved the punishment and once that got into my head, the urge to move dissipated. My face was filled with tears but I stoically took the hits and resolved not to move from my spot. With my head to the floor, I didn’t even know who was hitting me or what instruments was being used, but none of that mattered.

I was not moving till Salim told me I could.

In the end, my body gave up on me. I cursed my worthless weak female body as it fell to the ground, no longer able to hold the kneeling position. My mind was willing but the pain was just too much for my body. The beating stopped and the house was silent saved for my sobbing. Through my tears, I saw Salim standing up and he spoke to the wife who was beating me. They were speaking in the foreign language and I saw the wife was holding on to a bamboo cane.

She was also looking submissive at the ground while Salim was speaking. He sound pleased. Salim then looked at me. His face had a questioning look on it and I felt my heart jumped as I looked up at him. I was not a religious person but at that moment I gave a silent prayer to Allah. Why Him when I’m not even Muslim? Well, it just seemed appropriate. My answers were answered when Salim spoke, this time in English.

“Wives, you two had done well tonight. You may both eat dinner with your hands today. No utensils of course, but you may use a plate and glass instead of your normal dog bowls.” Salim then pointed at me. “Clean her up and dress her. I’m going out for a dinner. When I get back I expect to be greeted by 3 properly dressed wives.”

My heart leapt when I heard that and I forced myself to my knees. I ignored the pain wrecking my body as I got into position and bowed my head to the floor. One of the wives then spoke;

“My lord husband, what about our newest sister? May she have dinner with us tonight?”
“Yes, but she may only eat from the dog bowls like the bitch she is. You are a bitch, aren’t you Emily?”

            I looked up at Salim and did the first thing that came to mind. I barked. I barked like the bitch Salim thought I was. He smiled and walked to the door in laughter. His wives knelt and bowed their head to the ground as their lord and master left. I followed the actions of my new sisters and never felt happier in my life!  

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