Thursday, 6 July 2017

Not Dead But...

Hi everyone (which means the few who actually come to this blog), I'm back to tell you a little about the future of this blog. Recently, there was a comment left by a reader who asked me to come back with some more stories. First off, I love the fact that there are readers who cares enough to leave a comment. So thanks!

Secondly, I have to tell you the future of this blog is bleak. After some time to think on the matter, I decided to tell you the truth. I'm still writing, but I'm no longer writing in the BDSM genre. For the past year, I had been writing a fantasy book. It's a weird story with a heavy dose of comedy much in the vein of Discworld and the video game Dungeon Keeper. I put the story up online on a site and got a number of followers. That encouraged me to take it to the next step. I was unable to get a publisher interested in it, which wasn't that surprising to me, so I'm going to self-publish the book. It should be out by Sep and hopefully, it goes well.

That's my focus right now. So I'm sorry to my fans out there but this blog is on my back burner right now. Maybe one day I'll be back with a story or two and put them up here or on 'Tales of the Veils' but currently I have no plans to do so. Thanks for reading so far and for the time being; Goodbye!